The following applies specifically to inflatable units :

1) An attendant 18 years of age or older PER UNIT is always required. Attendants must not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Attendants must read and understand all operation manuals and user instructions.

2) All users must be of similar size and strength when using interactive inflatables. Users must follow bounce capacities posted with each unit or instructions given by Amusements Kyberka Inc..

3) All users must be physically able to participate in activities without assistance. Adults may not “carry” or otherwise assist toddlers or infants up climbing surfaces. Persons who are physically impaired, injured, wearing casts, have heart conditions or are pregnant should not use inflatable amusements.

4) Shoes, eyeglasses, contact lenses, necklaces, beads, pins, buckles, jewelry and/or any sharp objects must be removed before entering the inflatable unit.

5) The use of rafts, noodles, or any other device, other than ones provided by Amusements Kyberka Inc., to assist riders in going down the slide is prohibited. Using these types of devices could cause serious damage/injury.

6) Climbing, hanging or sitting on walls/nettings is prohibited. It is dangerous and could cause serious damage/injury.

7) Flips, wrestling, and horseplay are prohibited on and around the units. Do not allow users to come into contact with each other. All users should not run in the same direction to avoid tipping the bounce.

8) No face paints, soap, baby oil, lotion, candy, food, drink, confetti and/or silly string in/on or around inflatables. (Silly string will melt the vinyl and cause serious damage).

9) Absolutely NO adults on Bounce Houses or Bounce House Slide Combos for any reason. These units are specifically designed for children. No children over the age of 12.

10) Use caution when sliding down any of the water slides. DO NOT JUMP from the top or bounce on the top of the slide platform. Always sit down and slide from the face forward position. DO NOT go down face first on your belly, DO NOT go down backwards. One person down the slide at a time, one person up the stairs at a time. No more than two users total on a slide at one time. The pool or landing pad at the bottom of the slide must be clear and no one present before the other user begins to slide down.

11) ABSOLUTELY NO ANIMALS OF ANY KIND IN OR AROUND THE RENTED UNIT. Animals could cause serious damages to the unit.

12) NO smoking in/on or around the Inflatable and no fire/BBQ’s near the unit(s). The unit(s) must be stored before fireworks.

13) Inflatable devices must be set up over a smooth, flat surface. The area must be clear of rocks, debris, animal waste, and other objects, which may interfere with the use of or damage the equipment. The unit must always have a minimum clearance of 5 feet on all sides.

14) Equipment must be anchored prior to use. If equipment must be placed on hard surfaces such as concrete, blacktop, or a gymnasium floor, Amusements Kyberka Inc. must be notified in advance to ensure proper availability of weights, surface padding and overall suitability.

15) Sufficient lighting must be provided in the event the activities are held or continue into the evening hours.

16) Children must be kept away from the blower unit – risk of electrical shock and serious injury from moving parts on the blower.